Jo Headshot Sept 2017Attending a yoga class in a local hall proved surprisingly life changing for Jo. That morning’s practice challenged her flexibility, balance and strength. Downward Dog felt anything but restful! However, post-class she felt an energy that was new (and which lingered), so went back for more, more and more. The result was a body and mind makeover: she became calmer, happier and her attitude became more positive.

Yoga gave her tools to manage feelings of anxiety. Jo experienced a greater sense of clarity and began to pause before reacting, taking time to consider the best response (if any). She met and connected with like-minded people and has benefited richly from their friendship. Perhaps the greatest gift yoga brought to the surface was the courage that existed deep within her.

Jo enjoys continuous learning and education in the field of yoga teaching and says:

“With yoga in my life, I’ll never stop learning.”

In March 2019 Jo was fortunate to attend and complete the Blissology Yoga Advanced Alignment and Adjustment 50 hour module with Eoin Finn in Torquay, Victoria (Australia).

In 2017 Jo completed Level 2 150 hour Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training with One Family Yoga and Fitness (Brisbane, Australia). Modules studied included: Restorative Yoga; Advanced Adjusting and Modifications Using Props; and Yoga Nidra. This higher level study is a great complement to Jo’s Level 1 Yoga Teacher qualification obtained through Being Yoga (Brisbane, Australia). Since graduating in 2015, Jo has taught at a number of gyms and yoga studios on Brisbane’s northside.

Jo’s mission is to help others experience the joy and benefits of yoga in a supportive, fun and friendly atmosphere, so they too can craft a life they love, benefiting not only themselves but all beings. Everyone is welcome at Jo’s classes (held in Brisbane, Australia), which have been running since October 2015. Classes vary week by week to keep things interesting and Jo offers variations for poses so everyone can practise safely and in the right way for their body.

Jo can’t wait to meet you!