Jo Moloney is a Yoga Teacher based in Brisbane, Australia (formerly teaching under the banner of Brew Yoga).

From Brew Yoga to Jo Moloney Yoga…why the name change?
One word… evolution! When Jo first started offering classes, fresh out of teacher training in October 2015 (and suffering more than a little from ‘imposter syndrome’!), she felt she needed ‘something else’ to help get her classes off the ground. Five years on, with thanks to all who’d trusted her to teach them (or to teach for them), she felt confident enough to put her name out there, front and centre.

The original idea behind the name Brew Yoga is still relevant…
The process of brewing something involves steeping or infusing. The same is true of the way yoga has permeated Jo’s lifeā€¦ subtly bubbling away and infusing her heart, mind and soul, continually helping Jo grow and adapt to life’s daily challenges (never more so than in 2020).

The word ‘Brew’ also suggests warmth and comfort, conjuring a sense of community, as in ‘sharing a brew’ (be it tea, coffee, a green smoothie or whatever floats your boat). A blend of ingredients is what makes a particular brew special, just as a wonderful yoga class is created with the combined energy of all participants. Jo is particularly proud of, and grateful for, the Jo Moloney Yoga community, including those who attend her Brisbane classes, as well as those spread around Australia and the wider world, who maintain a virtual relationship.